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Brand Identity

A brand is more than just a logo

We’ll work with you to to define and refine your brand strategy, helping you discover your key benefits and the core brand promise you’ll make to your customers. This is vital information for developing a unique and memorable name for your brand, as well as a defining tagline, to give your brand an identity.  


Brand Voice

Putting your brand into words

Every brand needs a voice, and we’ll work with you to develop a tone that best represents your brand. Maybe you need words that are jolly and lighthearted like Mailchimp, or perhaps something more serious and straight laced. We’ll help bring your voice to life, to effectively represent your brand in all written content.

Brand Goals

Words that work for your brand

Whether your goal is to boost sales, make sales, increase brand awareness, improve the customer experience, generate more leads, or something else entirely, Brandscribe can help. Our unique blend of brand strategy, copywriting and content marketing can help you define and smash your brand goals.

we’ll use a clever combination of …


Brand Development

A brand is much more than just a logo. Any successful brand needs to first of all consider their brand strategy to define who they are and what they’re all about, so they can then represent this in a unique and memorable name and tagline. The story doesn’t end there, you’ll need to make sure the domain name is available and you’re not infringing on anyone else’s trademarks. You’ll also want to consider the names of all your products and services too.

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Pretty pictures and graphic design look great. It’s important that your brand looks professional. However, it’s the words you use that will do the heavy lifting to position your brand in the minds of your customers. You’ll need great copy everywhere your brand connects with your customer, from website and email, to instructions and customer support. We write top notch copy that will represent your brand and help persuade your customers to take action.

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Content Marketing

From fresh content to drive new traffic to your site, to emails that go to existing customers, and everything else inbetween, content marketing is at the heart of customer attraction and retention for brands. We’ll work with you to create compelling content that perfectly represents your brand and helps you smash your goals.

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